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Self care isn’t selfish❤️

I wouldn’t be a very good leader if I didn’t take my own advice🙏

Make time for self care when your not feeling well or you make time for increased illness🧐

Today I had to take a self care and rest day. I felt under the weather with a fever, body aches and very tired. My body and my mind said “rest coach, so you can train tomorrow”👍

Sometimes we don’t often listen to that voice in our head when we’re not feeling well. We dismiss it and keeping pushing to eventually burn ourselves out and creating more illness😰

I’ve done that many times in my life and the results are always the same. My body shuts down for a few days and I recharge and get right back at it.

Don’t dismiss that voice in your head when your not  feeling well or tapped and need a rest/wellness days. Rest so you can keep it going 👍👊 your body and mind will thank you 🙏

Things you can do when your not feeling well:

1️⃣ rest at home

2️⃣ strengthen your immune system

3️⃣ stay hydrated

4️⃣ eat healthy

5️⃣ meditation

6️⃣ yoga

7️⃣ tai chi

8️⃣drink green tea

9️⃣ positive affirmations

🔟 gratitude reflections

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