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What’s the best way to start your day in the morning?

How you start your day in the morning will determine the flow, mindset and energy you will create to venture through your daily tasks.

If you start the day off without prompting your mind and setting your intentions on success, then you could be creating adversity and hardships for yourself even before you leave the house.

By doing the most important tasks, you not only set the intention and flow for the day, you also increase your self confidence, motivation and ability to work through any challenges you may experience through the day.

This morning work is called MIT, most important tasks. This is mental movement. Which will increase self confidence, motivation and investment into the the flow of the day to promote success throughout your day.

Start on a Monday and repeat daily for 7 seven days.

What you’ll begin doing first thing in the morning when you wake up is saying some affirmations about your self. Ex. I am whole, healthy, happy and strong. Repeat about 5x.

Then you’ll write down 3 things you’re grateful for. Last, you’ll identify a motivation statement like- I will complete all my goals today because I can.

You’ll feel a shift not only in your thinking, self confidence and self perception, but your overall attitude and energy will increase to create more stability in your daily responsibilities.

Create the change to pave the way for success in your life. You’re worth the investment.

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